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Cablelay Matting

What is Cablelay Matting?

Cablelay Matting is the flexible choice for under floor or basket tray-based cabling. A variety of thicknesses and widths are available depending on the type of solution that is required. For cabling that needs to run under the floor, 13mm and 25mm thicknesses are advisable, as these have been designed to be laid directly onto concrete, creating a dedicated route. The 25mm thickness is also ideal for communication rooms or pan areas, and is becoming increasingly popular. It offers the cables even more support and flood protection in densely populated areas. A lighter weight 6mm thickness is available for protecting cables in basket, cable trays and other containment where space is limited and pressure points and snagging are an issue. All types of Cablelay Matting are manufactured to the highest possible standard, the most popular type being Class 0 as this complies with UK Building Regulations, having the best fire performance results.      

Cablelay Matting: real business benefits

  • Protects cables from pressure points and crushing which can damage the performance of a structured cabling system
  • Protects cables from sharp edges, snagging, protrusions and ridges to help maintain the performance of the cables
  • Black Cablelay Matting has a Class 0 fire standard which meets British Building Regulations
  • Also available in LS0H (low smoke zero halogen) and ES (European specification)
  • Is 'closed cell' preventing any chemical or moisture penetration from the concrete substance
  • Is available in a wide range of widths, thicknesses and roll lengths
  • Creates a dedicated and visible route way that is lightweight and flexible, so it is easy to install saving time and money
  • Any last minute changes to the route way can easily be accommodated by lifting and repositioning, delivering the project on time
  • Can easily be trimmed to length using the Cablelay metre marks
  • Rolls are joined using Cablelay Tape which maintains the